Timeless Wealth Wisdom




Timeless Wealth Wisdom

The secrets for building true and lasting wealth are universal and elusive at the same time. The basic rules and principles for wealth accumulation have not changed down through the centuries, although methods and applications change quickly. Despite the fact that information is available all around us, most of us struggle to attain the level of financial security that we desire, much less achieve a life of financial independence.

Many of us grew up with notions about money based on guilt, misinformation, greed, or even fear. Yes, some people are even afraid of becoming rich. What most of us missed in our early lives while we are developing our opinions about money was a basic foundation about how money works and what it takes to become truly wealthy.

“Timeless Wealth Wisdom” presents 77 principles that can change your life forever. If you grew up without a proper understanding of money, then you need to make up for lost time and get started today. Here are some important lessons you’ll learn:

  • How the wealthy really think
  • Manifesting your financial destiny
  • Ways to watch your pennies
  • Misconceptions about true wealth
  • Keys for building a solid foundation
  • And much, much more!

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