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Dear Friend‚

Yes‚ it’s true. The biggest names in Internet Marketing are ready‚ able and *more* than willing to write you checks — every month.

Jonathan Mizel . . . Cory Rudl . . . Dr. Ken Evoy . . . Terry Dean . . .

Yanik Silver . . . Marlon Sanders . . . Mark Joyner . . . and others.

YOUR personal‚ customized Gold Edition of Web Sales Letters Supreme can be the key to your unlocking profits that are limited only by the effort you put in.

The bigger the checks‚ the better. These gurus would like nothing better than to write you a fat 4 figure check each and every single month.

How would you like to earn those fat 4-figure checks while you eat‚ sleep‚ play with your kids‚ watch a movie or anything else?


Not without work at the beginning. You and I both know that in this life you don’t get something for nothing.

You’ve come to this web site because you have either bought or been given my latest book‚ Web Sales Letters Supreme. If you’ve had a chance to read it already‚ you know it’s a terrific primer on how to write web sales letters.

Not only do you get the nuts and bolts‚ textbook material and prospect sales psychology which goes into the making of a web sales letter that gets the sale‚ it has 38 prime examples of web sales letters supreme.

That’s 38 web sales letters by the likes of Mark Joyner‚ Dr. Ken Evoy‚ Yanik Silver‚ Jonathan Mizel and more. People who are in the top 1% of Internet marketing income earners.

Furthermore‚ you get an additional 10 links to other great web sales letters‚ by such other giants as Cory Rudl and Marlon Sanders.

I feel strongly that anybody who follows my advice to read‚ study and write out all the sales letters in that book will‚ in just over a month‚ develop a level of copywriting skill that could make them wealthy‚ given some time and actual experience.


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